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Learn WordPress with Sarah
WordPress for Entrepreneurs ~

Make more Money in your Business in 2023 with – Website Design, Marketing, Sitemaps, Wireframing, and SEO Online Course.

Take a WordPress class with Sarah at Style Websites and easily start charging clients a minimum of $1,500 to make them a website.



Have you ever wanted to take a WordPress class to learn how to make a website? Now you can learn WordPress with Sarah.

This class is perfect for marketing professionals and technically savvy individuals looking to add another layer of expertise to make more money in your business.

Price: $500 ($1500 Average Website Cost)


Course Overview

  1. Introduction to WordPress: Learn the basics of WordPress, including how to install it and the difference between WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and GoDaddy.
  2. Designing a WordPress website: How to choose a theme, customizing the appearance of a WordPress site, and using widgets and plugins to add functionality.
  3. Creating a sitemap and wireframing: Learn how to plan out the structure and content of their WordPress site using a sitemap and wireframing techniques.
  4. Marketing a WordPress website: What is search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and content planning.
  5. Advanced WordPress techniques: This lesson can cover more advanced topics such as custom styling, custom forms, and theme development.
  6. Troubleshooting and maintenance: Discover how to fix common WordPress errors and how to properly maintain a WordPress site.

Learn how to design a website and easily start selling.

  • Choosing a theme
  • Customizing the appearance of a WordPress site
  • Using widgets and plugins
  • Planning the structure and content of a WordPress site
  • Using sitemaps and wireframing techniques
  • Custom forms
  • Theme development
  • Fixing common WordPress errors
  • Properly maintaining a WordPress site

Course Objectives:

Sarah will teach you how to be confident in creating and making websites using WordPress. Learn WordPress with Sarah with this class.

Instructor Bio:

Sarah Whitney has been making websites using WordPress for the last 12 years. She started learning HTML and CSS in college in 2003, and has grown her business over the last 9 years from freelance design to now owning a website design agency in downtown Salem, Oregon called Style Websites. Sarah has created 50+ WordPress websites for professional businesses.


I recently completed the WordPress Website Design, Marketing, Sitemaps, Wireframing, and SEO Online Course and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The course was well-structured and easy to follow, and the instructor Sarah was knowledgeable and responsive to any questions I had. I learned so much about WordPress and feel confident in my ability to create and manage a professional website. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their WordPress skills.


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